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Dr. Eng. Emmanuel Karapidakis

Professor and Dean at School of Engineering in Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU).

Head of Energy, Environment and Climate Change Institute (IEECC)

School of Engineering
Energy, Environment and Climate Change Institute

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Smart Power Systems Lab

My latest research

Although, there is even higher capacity of RES that could be utilized, the current power system operation and control emerge limitations, which hold back their further exploitation. More precisely, this study analyses current island power system operation and demonstrates benefits and obstacles of an interconnection. The potential of ultra-high share of RES is technically feasible, while provides under specific implementation strategies advantages in stability, reliability, and energy adequacy.

Large scale integrating of wind power generation into a grid may raise serious stability issues. In this case energy storage systems seem to be suitable for balancing power and energy between the inconstant wind parks generation and the grid. In this paper, the impact of high wind power penetration on the dynamic performance and stability of power systems is investigated. More precisely, the focus of this study is to assess the operation of pump storage systems in the autonomous power system of a large island such as Crete. Results of this study show that it is possible to achieve a large wind power penetration without significant dynamic security problems, if wind energy pump storage units are in operation.


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